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Christopher III (Danish: Christoffer III; German: Christoph III.; Norweigen: Christoffer III; Swedish: Kristofer III) (26 February 1416 - 5 January 1448) was the King of Denmark from 1440 until 1448, Norway from 1442 until 1448, and Sweden from 1441 until 1448, and the Count Palatine of Nuemarkt from 1443 until 1448.


Christopher was born in Neumarkt in 1416 as the son of John, Count Palatine of Neumarkt and a nephew of Eric of Pomerania. Being unfamiliar with both Pomerania and Scandinavia, the nobility appointed him in 1439 as the regent of his uncle. In 1440 he appointed the King of Denmark. Through the granting of concessions he was also recognised as the King of Sweden and of Norway. The nobility intended him to be a puppet ruler although he managed to maintain for himself a personal line. Christopher's reign marked the beginning of an era in Scandinavia of delicate politics between royalty and the nobility which was to last until 1660.

In 1441 he suppressed a peasant rebellion in eastern Jutland, and the majority of his reign was marked by the suppression of the peasantry. On the other hand he supported the cities and Danish merchants as much as he could without offending either the nobles or the powerful Hanseatic League. In 1443 he permanently made Copenhagen the capital of Denmark. He half-heartedly fought a war and carried negotiations with his exiled uncle on Gotland.

Christopher died suddenly in Helsingborg in 1448 as the last living descendent of King Valdemar IV and was buring in the Cathedral of Roskilde.


John married Dorothea of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, daughter of Margrave John, on 12 September 1445. He had no children.

Preceded by:

Christopher III

Succeeded by:

Eric King of Denmark
1440 - 1448
Christian I
King of Norway
1442 - 1448
Charles I
Charles VIII King of Sweden
1441 - 1448
Bengt and Nils Oxenstierna (regents)
John Count Palatine of Neumarkt
1443 - 1448
Otto I of Palatinate-Mosbach and Stephen of Palatinate-Simmern and Zweibrücken