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These are the rules enforced and bound by this wiki's terms and must be complied with or by any user here with exception of Staff since being given that right. We hope none of the admins of the wiki will have to go through the trouble with anybody here as it'll just cause problems and can lead to block/banned/globally blocked on each Wiki on Wikia.

Make sure to read the Terms of Use that Wikia has on here as a part of the rules and guidelines we have.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct goes as follows and also complies with some of the Terms of Use by Wikia:

  • Harassment isn't allowed as it is noted in Wikia's Terms of Use.
  • Pornographic material should not as well, be allowed on here or Live leaks of murders, killings, and anything else not to do with History.
  • Use of profanity and foul language can also result in warnings, ban, etc.
  • Vandalism will be an end-result for whatever user does it, admin or not, user or not, bot or not, staff or not will be infinitely blocked from the History Wiki.
    • Spam is also not allowed as it comes in with Vandalism which makes it hard for the reader to know what they are reading.
  • Personal information is not allowed such as the following: Asking for someone's age, requesting someone's phone number, asking where they live, or online dating. If it is online dating, it is advised you get out of Wikia as this is not a dating website.

Rules of Editing

We have rules for editing as well to make sure everyone does their job as an editor:

  • Do not do post in different languages like Italian, all of it must be readable and in English.
  • Do not edit other userpages unless noted or asked to.
  • Again, do not post content from live leaks or pornographic material.
  • Do not do small grammar checks UNLESS you are adding a bit of information to the page too such as a paragraph or two and not only one sentence.
  • When mentioning a date, use the Common Era system (BCE or CE) rather than the Dionysian system (BC or AD)

Chat goes for all of the rules above as well.

If anything is needed, please let the Administrators of the Wiki know on their message wall here or on Community Central. If it is a staff-related issue such as bugs, glitches, etc. then let the Staff know.