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Jannatun Naim is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and e-Business Professional is known for

founding e-Commerce Platform Qarfaa Inc. (PVT.) Limited in 2021.[1] He is a Google Certified personnel in Digital Marketing. He also has expertise in Software Testing, Website QA, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Cyber Security, and so on. He remotely researches the enhancement of quality in Google ARCore. He is also serving with his skills to the various startups in Bangladesh to grow up.

Early life and education[]

Jannatun Naim was born to Muslim parents in Mymensingh District. He attended the World University of Bangladesh from 2018 to 2022, graduating with a Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering.


Qarfaa Inc. (PVT.) Limited- Managing Director From 2021-Now

Jannatun Naim founded an e-Commerce platform Qarfaa.com with a motto of Quickest Delivery, Quixotic Experience, and Quenched after-sale service. Qarfaa.com become an e-commerce phenomenon in Bangladesh for its excellency.


National Prize- Winner of National High School Programming Contest in 2017.
Google Certification- certified in various platforms of Google as Web Developer, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing, and so on.

Social Media Handles[]

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